Challenges for Supply Chain Managers

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Floating challenges for Supply chain managers

While serving a decade at shipping and being a key wheel as a seafarer I have tried to analyze the hidden challenges and demands which is not only difficult but stressful most of the time.

Many times the pressure piles up on a single segment which no room for escape . I have experienced and closely seen peer pressure on Captains and Chief officers to meet voyage time demands and commitments which was mostly impossible tasks while at sea when there are many unexpected challenges i.e weather/machinery failure/sea traffic was existing . However commitments were met and commercial goals were achieved but apart from this maritime segment there are other intangible stiffs at shore which are fragile to manage by Supply chain managers .

Supply chain managers face issues on a daily basis, and almost all require direct attention and a quick response. These problems can vary in severity and complexity. With such importance placed on stable and reliable supply chains today, these issues are now top of mind. After all, supply chains lie at the core of successful business operations, and issues will undoubtedly impact a business’s bottom line.

I have break down some of the major issues facing supply chain managers.

Bigger challenges of supply chain management and how it can be managed your supply chain more effectively.

1. Managing customer expectations

One of the challenges of effective supply chain management is managing customer expectations. Supply Chain Managers are service providers. They provide services for indirect procurement requests, project and manufacturing requests, and outside customer requests. Consequently, Supply Chain Managers need to deploy efficient workflows to make sure requests are fulfilled on time, every time.

When efficiency is business priority number one, Supply Chain Managers can begin to deliver on customer expectations. For example, you can receive information in a fast and accurate manner and see through the timely fulfillment of resourcing, planning, sourcing, and shipping. 

To correctly manage these expectations, though, it requires the right tools. It requires to use appropriate spend control software and, of course, maintain transparent communication with customers. 

With the right spend management platform, you can enter requests and approve orders from under one roof, and without needing to follow-up with the requester (which will delay orders). Ultimately, this gives you supply chain visibility and lets everyone (not just yourself) track orders through to invoice payment. 

2. Managing suppliers

Along with managing customer expectations comes managing suppliers. Good relationships with your suppliers are key to managing your supply chain effectively. In an ideal world, you’ll proactively engage with suppliers through Supplier Relationship Management. 

It’s up to you to know how many suppliers are needed, how to handle delays, and how to receive orders. And each step requires clear thinking and a unique process that slots in with your business’s overall spend culture. On top of these duties, you’re also responsible for finding suppliers with consistent and reliable service, and at a price that doesn’t hurt your bottom line.

To resolve these challenges quickly, you need access to reliable data at a moment’s notice. This way, you can catch scheduling, quality, and delivery issues before they occur and proactively engage and communicate with suppliers about problems to align their expectations. 

3. Maintaining quality and sustainability

One of the challenges of global supply chains is the concern about the quality and sustainability of products that are made in other countries. This is particularly true when components of a product need to meet regulatory standards. 

Quality is a critical factor in maintaining your company’s reputation. It ensures the materials you receive meet the specifications requested and that they’re fit for purpose. In addition, you need to ensure ethical sourcing and do your part to reduce your impact on the environment. 

In short, you’re responsible for ensuring suppliers and their products maintain environmental and quality standards. To do this effectively in today’s globalized supply chain, you’ll need a tool to assist you. For example, third-party inspection services and software tools are designed to collect and monitor supplier safety and environmental information.

4. Access to data

In a modern-day supply chain, access to your supply chain data is one of the most important requirements. Access to data can help you manage your supply chain more effectively. Without this, you can’t begin to make educated improvements to your supply chain or reduce risk. 

Some common metrics to improve supply chain efficiency include:

Cycle time: Request-to-approval, approval-to-purchase order, invoicing-to-invoice payment.

Consolidation of items/vendors: A common area for identifying cost savings and reducing the number of suppliers to manage.

On-time delivery reporting: Knowing which orders are outstanding both from a finance perspective and a supplier delivery management perspective.

Budgetary controls: Ensuring spending occurs within budgeted amounts.

5. Risk mitigation

Mitigating risk can be challenging for any supply chain manager. While risk is a broad topic, there are some common supply chain risks that supply chain managers should keep top of mind. These include:

Failure to prepare for force major events: These became very real when COVID-19 started affecting the delivery of goods and services globally.

Accommodating multiple changes in channels to market: Ensuring your supply chain gets the right goods to the right place at the right time is critical to the success of any organization.

Managing inventory: Inventory is expensive to procure, expensive to sit on, and, in the worst-case scenario, expensive to write off.

The key to managing and mitigating risk is through good planning. Spending the time to identify, quantify, and create mitigations is a great first step to reducing your supply chain risk. 

The ever-increasing complexity of supply chain management

As supply chain management becomes more interconnected and complex, a supply chain manager’s job is also getting more complex every day. A well-executed and efficient supply chain can create a huge competitive advantage for an organization. 

When supply chain managers factor in all the challenges and risks inherent to their supply chain and ensure the company has the best quality supplies at the right price, you can begin to reap the rewards and unlock growth.

With enough knowledge and the right spend management tools, you can mitigate many critical risks. And when a company’s supply chain management operates smoothly, one can achieve intangible goals.

दो क़दम

मेरे बस दो क़दम
अगर मैं चलना चाहूँ
आत्म निर्भर होकर
दो क़दम
तो क्या तुम चलने दोगे ?

मेरी आत्म त्रस्ना के पंखुड़ियो को
स्वतंत्रता के उड़ान भरने दोगे ?

अगर मैं एकला चलु
और अपनी कोशिकाओं में
अपने लक्ष्य की धार भरूँ
तो क्या मुझे गहरीं झूठी द्यायित्वता
के पिंजरो से मुक्त करके ..
मुझे अपने रचित लकीरों से लड़ने दोगे ?

अगर मैं चलना चाहूँ
निर्भीक आत्म केन्द्रित होकर
स्वावलंबन के
दो क़दम
तो क्या चलने दोगे ?
उठने दोगे क्या
मेरे शीश मेरे प्रयत्नो से
तुम्हारे अहंकार के छितिज से उप्पर?

हिम सागर जैसा साहस लहरा कर
अपने रक्त बीज से कंचन पिघलाकर
क्या मुझे नए स्वरूप नव स्वप्नो में
सत्यता के रंग भरने दोगे ??

अगर मैं चलना चाहूँ
दो क़दम
तो क्या मुझे चलने दोगे ?

बस पूछता हूँ तुमसे
एक प्रतंत्रता के प्रतिनिधी……..

मुझे क्या अपने
रंग तरंग और सप्तरंग
में स्वयं रंग चुनने का हक़ हैं ??
माँग बस इतना रहा हुँ
इस जीवन में बस

मुझे मेरे दो क़दम !

-अतुल शुक्ला

Do you believe , Is there any life ?

Believe me there is no life
we all are the bees of the same hives
protecting our projection
escaping the world
stealing pinch of pleasures
in raining skies
broken hearts , shattered nights
All we love is twinkling stars and dark skies
attracted towards charms of work lives
diving deep inside the gadgets
wrapping insides the reels
just to avoid to discuss and share
whatever we feel.

sometimes, I believe
there is no freedom and breath stinks
birds are chirping songs on the lease
kites covering sky with sold feathers
and everyday I sleep with begged dreams
I see the hives from my balcony
It reminds me of my life
lone , lost ,hollow and light .
Every sunset shares a story
sometimes its dark , sometimes its burning bright
I believe its destiny and its partly right

but its true ,
Believe there is no life
we all are the bees of the same hives .

मेरी कोरी कल्पना

मेरी कोरी कल्पना

मेरी कोरी कल्पना
स्वेत पृष्ठो पर भिखेर रहा हूँ
इस पूर्णमासी के नभतल
आत्म कण- मन कुरेद रहा हूँ ।
मेरी कोरी कल्पना
स्वेत पृष्ठो पर भिखेर रहा हूँ ,

पुर्णिमा के शीतल प्रकाश में भींगकर
प्रेमरस को तरस रहा हूँ ,
वेदनाओं के चंचल प्रकोप में प्यासा मैं …
मन धन घन मन से बरस रहा हूँ ..

मेरी कोरी कल्पना
स्वेत पृष्ठो पर भिखेर रहा हूँ
कल्पनाओं के सागर तल बैठा मै
अपनी काया को सीमेट रहा हूँ स्
वेत काव्य लताओं में उलझी ….
घड़ियों में स्वयं को बिखेर रहा हूँ ,

सुनेगी ईश क्या तेरी क्या ?
मेरी कोरी कल्पना ?
मेरी कोरी कल्पना …
जिसे आज मैं स्वेत पृष्ठो पर भिखेर रहा हूँ ।

मेरे सामने की दिवार

मेरे सामने की दिवार

वो खुद को भूलकर खड़ी है
सप्तरंग रितुवो में ठूठी पड़ी सी पड़ी है
फिखे रंगों की चादर ओढे हुए
भिखरते दरारों से भरी हुई है

नाखुश रहने की
शायद उसकी आदत सी बनी है
मेरे सामने की दिवार
खुदको भूलकर खड़ी है

अनजान है वो अपनी ऊँचाइयों से
भूतल में भिखरी रेत में तपती
उसकी साँसे पड़ी है
अनजान हूँ मै उसके
रग रग में बसे उमंगो से


मेरे अन्दर की चाहत
उसके छोटे टूटे कोने की ईट में
उसके खोये हुए हिम्मत भरने की है
मेरे सामने की दिवार

खामोश खड़ी है
मेरे सामने की दीवार

जब कभी देखता हूँ
लगता हैं यूँ ही ….

ना जाने कहाँ खोया रहता हूँ

ना जाने कहाँ खोया रहता हूँ

ना जाने कहाँ खोया रहता हूँ
कल्पनाओं में सोया रहता हूँ
छिपतीं धूप में 
असमां के साये में 
बहतीं नज़र के 
टूटें किनारों पर

अपनी चाह के
छोटे क़दमों से 
चल कर..
अद्रीक विहंगम पल पाता हूँ

ना जाने कहाँ खोया रहता हूँ
ना जाने कहाँ खोया रहता हूँ

ख़ामोशी की चादर ओंधे 
क्रतिम भीड़ में सोया रहता हूँ ….।
और परमाणु के कणकण में
मैं अपने काव्यरंग भरता हूँ 
कहता हूँ …

अलंघ्य ह्रदय तरंग तरंग से
मैं ख़ुद में सिमटा सागर हूँ…
मैं ख़ुद में किनारा हूँ ..

ना जाने कहाँ खोया रहता हूँ
ना जाने कहाँ खोया रहता हूँ…..

Amo el Cielo

"soy una cometa , amo el cielo .."

I am A Kite , I love Skies..

beholded on your strings,
Have flattened my wings,
to cover my empire..

I dance on your wish,
to play mylove,
and to romance with westerlies,

I feel your jerks,
to raise myself high..
On the directions of your fingers
by sound of flickering eyes

Giving push to my side ends,
To endorse your desires..

Because ...

I am Kite , I love my sky...
soy una cometa , amo el ceilo..."
  • Atul Shukla


I was never told this before -that the darkness prevails,
Darkness visible in the depth of our sights,
Two parallel light rays meets somewer in infinite,
With no equation and no theory of convergence and divergence.

The Darkness becomes darkness visible,
as it is,what its like.
It doesn’t needs any media to propagate, vaccum reason to imitate,
Bare theory here simply sustains.

Thereby at some sort of time,
The darkness becomes darkness visible.
All confusions,regrets and Questions resolves
and mystery of light simply falls.

When you understand this untold fact,
And the reason,
Why you were never told this before- that darkness exists.

Darkness is visible in the depth of our sights,
Runs parallel but meets at infinite.
All forms of ostentation are unendurable,
when its inexplicable and played kinematics,
Darkness becomes darkness and more visible.


Are we same as Trees?

Our lives are as forest;
Each Individuals as trees
Showing cobwebs of branches,
Their leaves and some dry barks.

Below the soils,
There is always chance to spread,
Spreading out are roots galore.
Branches to touch the sky
Turning up dry in that desire
Clouds, Sky & Star
Everything I saw, I dreamt is too far
With the time & the seasons

Wrinkled shadows turning dry
Never judge anyone,
By appearances alone,
You see not what we’ve atone.

Hidden from our sight,
Is where our soul lurks
And somewhere God’s grace works.
And I ask you..
Are we same as Trees ?

  • Atul Shukla